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"Perhaps, Gordon, my friend, you could tell the truth. It works for me..."
— Hovis, Unicorn Club

Hovis ("James" in France) is Mrs. Cramdilly's butler and currently watches after the cats and collects his measly paycheques (which Mr. Blik signs).


Hovis is the cats' butler and caregiver. He looks after the cats, but sometimes, he wishes that he had a different career. He almost never looks on the bright side even if there is a bright side. Sarcasm and snarky remarks are often his go-to means of defense, primarily when dealing with the self-serving Mr. Blik.

He's not exactly thrilled about his new situation, but he hails from a long line of butlers who have served in the house and he honestly believes he's got nowhere else to go. So Hovis puts up with the fact that the former pets have become his masters. Mr. Blik barks out orders constantly, Gordon treats him as an equal and Waffle hasn't quite figured out he's not a pet anymore (he still asks Hovis to be let out and scratched behind his ears). His birthday is on the 14th of April, as seen in "Love Jackal".

Hovis has had a legitimate aspiration for the musical arts, and was once a lead guitarist of the underground rock band Love Jackal. During his time with the band, he was the complete opposite of his current self; reckless, loud, lazy, and ambitious in pursuing fame in the form of rock music. He also spoke with a thick (albeit fake) Cockney accent. He doesn't think very fondly of that memory, and would rather it be left behind. He has since attempted to move on to more upscale levels of music, such as the tuba (which he's not very good at.) Of course, he can't get much time for practice on this, as he's often kept occupied with his chores around the mansion.

Physical Description

Hovis is a rather tall man with a slim build. He has peach colored skin, a large nose and a unibrow. His main outfit consist of a black jacket over a white dress shirt with a black tie, long khaki pants, and black dress shoes. He is balding but has some black hair on the back of his head.

During his time with Love Jackal, he wore an open black vest with no shirt underneath, a read tie, black pants, and brown shoes. He also wore black nail polish, had three silver bracelets on each arm, and possessed long black hair. During their reunion, he wore a grey tank top (later a black tank top during their performance) brown cowboy boots, and stretchy black pants with yellow lightning bolts diagonally adorned on it (which coincides with his stage name "Lord Thunderpants"). He also wore a wig to mimic the long hair he had when he was with the band, although it was navy blue instead of black.

Background Information

  • The first time Hovis smiled was in the episode "Unicorn Club"
  • Waffle has attempted to cut apart Hovis with the use of scissors twice.
  • Hovis was formerly in a band named "Love Jackal", where his band members nicknamed him "Lord Thunderpants" (much to his dismay).
  • Hovis occasionally goes on vacation, leaving the cats to fend for themselves.
    • He of course, leaves behind a detailed list of emergency phone numbers.
  • Hovis speaks with a distinct English accent suggesting he was born/raised in England, or was raised in an English household that lived in the U.S.
  • Hovis is based on Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's butler from Batman.
  • Gordon, Waffle, Mr. Blik and Hovis are the only characters to appear in every episode of the series.

Production Information