The Hobos


Old Stinky, Zeke, and Chicken Harold

The Hobos are characters in Catscratch. They are three homeless folks who ride the rails, hunt for filth and strangely enough, have a band.


When Blik feels he is no longer respected due to his accidental fur color alteration, he wanders off and makes his first stop at the train rails, meeting the three bums. They seem pretty content with what little they have and are very laid back (aside from Chicken Harold squawking at times.)

They appear again in a cameo when the cats go broke in Mall Adjusted, with Old Stinky voicing his approval of Blik's negative attitude towards jobs, followed by Chicken Harold squawking.

Trivia Edit

  • In the pan scene in "Mall Adjusted", the hobos are significantly smaller than in "Mr. Pickles"

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