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The Hillbilly Family is a family that Waffle meets in Three Against Nature. When they hear that Waffle has been lead astray, they take pity on him and offer to let him be a part of their family-- which Waffle gleefully accepts.


They are first seen jamming out in a regular hootenanny, the tunes catch Waffle's ear, and he is lead into their cabin.

The family take note of his dancing, and ask what he's doing out in this neck of the woods, which Waffle says in a sorrowful tone that he is simply wandering the Earth alone.

This saddens the bunch, and the man asks if Waffle would like to join their family. Waffle is overjoyed, says "Splee", and pulls the trio into a big hug.

Waffle is then asked to repeat the family oath, which is really just some guttural gibberish.

After, the four continue the hootenanny while waiting for the uncle to return home with supper in hand. It's just unfortunate that the supper in question seems somehow familiar...