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The Highland Quid Clan is a village of noble Scots located all the way in Scotland. Everybody from there has a beard (even the women) and lots and lots of sheep.

It is frequently mentioned by Gordon, usually when battling in the name and honor of his homeland (as in the one that isn't under the sofa).

Gordon believes with all his soul that he's is from The Highland Quid Clan, despite the fact that those were only delusions. He has a tattoo on his leg of the Quid Clan's logo, though no one from the clan does.

The Banshee Curse Era[]

The first time we get to see the clan, they were hiding in fear of a Banshee that rises out of a nearby swamp, and launched sheep it's direction to keep The Banshee's hunger satisfied and keep her from the village.

It wasn't a safe place until a brave cat by the name of Gordon Quid set foot in the clan and banished the banshee curse from the village forever, revealing the banshee to be nothing more than a beautiful Seal Woman.

The clan was eternally grateful and Gordon gained irrevocable membership, and Klqain's sash.


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