Catscratch Wiki

(The episode starts at the Cramdily mansion where the cats realize something strange has happen)

Gordon Quid:(gasp) someone has been eating my clootie dumplings!

Waffle: someone been sleeping in my bed!

Mr. Blik: And someone’s been-, well I don‘t wanna say!

(Mr. Blik then step into a puddle of water in the hallway and Gordon sniffs the air)

Gordon Quid: Oh that smells like, salt water!

(Hovis then comes in with seaweed on his head)

Hovis: I think we have a intruder.

(The cats and Hovis then tiptoe fast and quietly down the hallway that is covered in saltwater and seaweed. The hear a loud thump and growling come from a distance)

Gordon Quid: That’s the hall closet.

Mr. Blik: Well don‘t just stand there mooing, check it out!

(Mr. Blik then pushes Gordon to the hall closet door. Gordon then opens the door only to yell and run back to his brothers who all then lay on the floor. The growling continues to reveal big red tentacles burst out of the door to reveal the Kraken)

Gordon, Waffle, Mr. Blik: THE KRAKEN! AAAHHH!

Kraken: We meet again Gordon Quid.

Gordon, Waffle, Mr. Blik: HOVIS!

Hovis: I’ll be in my room.

(Hovis hops on his Vespa and puts on his helmet. He then drives into the wall. The brothers then all try to escape themselves from the kraken. The kraken then burst his tentacle through the door and grab all three cat brothers holding them up to his big eye)

Gordon Quid: Mighty Kraken, why have you return? I defeated you fairly in battle.

Kraken: PLEASE! I’m not here to harm you.

Gordon, Waffle, Mr. Blik: What?

(Kraken then put the cats down all except Waffle who got behind suck in his suction cup)

Waffle: Sucker!, Sucker!

(Gordon and Mr. Blik pull Waffle out of the Kraken’s sucker)

Kraken: I’ve come seeking friendship because..., I AM A DISGRACE!

(Kraken then begin to cry making giant tears fall all over the cats)

Kraken:I've been cast out out of the Kraken planet, for being defeated by a cat.

Blik:Hold on. There's a Kraken planet?

Kraken:I'm no longer a real KRaken!

Gorgon:Graven Kraken STOP yYOUR MADNESS!


Waffle:Your not so mean after all. Sucker! SUCKER!


Kraken:Welcome to my world.

Waffle:Its water an more water.

Blik:What do you expect it's a Kraken planet.

Gordon:But where are all the other-