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Gordberly (Gordon x Kimberly) is the interspecies ship between Gordon Quid and Kimberly. The shipping was first seen in Unicorn Club

Character 1: Gordon Quid

Age 1: 14 (33 in 2023)

Aliases 1: Gord-O, Stumpy McGordon-O Quid, Fatty McQuid, Bulbous McPorky, Tubby McThumpkins, Grateful O'Gratin McQuid

Species 1: Manx and Munchin mix Cat

Character 2: Kimberly

Age 2: 9 (27 in 2023)

Alias 2: Human Kimberly

Species: Human

Status of relationship: Crushing on each other


Gordon: Audrey (Biological Mother), Edna Cramdilly (Adoptive mother)

Kimberly: Unnamed garden mother and Unnamed father



Gordon trying to ask Kimberly about joining the unicorn club.

Helping my mom

Kimberly talking to Gordon about her mother.

Unicorn Club: Gordon has a first appearance he has a crush on Kimberly so he decides to join the unicorn club so that he can be close to human Kimberly. But joining the club is harder than you think, so Gordon decides to lie to human Kimberly that he'll take her to a real unicorn (even though unicorns aren't real.) Gorden was desperate as he talks to his brothers about dressing up as a unicorn with a Unicorn Costume. Then after Gordon and Kimberly after they talk about the unicorn and Gordon gets on the unicorn, they are attacked by Randel the bear. Gordon spills the beans and Kimberly is mad that he lied about the unicorn but is grateful that he tried to save her and even kissed Gordon on the head just because of that and runs off. After the bear steals the Unicorn Safety Sword, Gordon apologizes to Kimberly that he's sorry for lying to her about the unicorn. Kimberly accepts his apology and thinks that someday she would see a unicorn but Mr. Blik disagrees.

Lovesick: Gordon first thought that The Monster was in that door but finds out that it's the Human Kimberly herself and quickly relived. Kimberly gave Gordon Broccoli unaware that he is allergic to it. After Mr. Blik and Waffle try to beam ray Gordon, Human Kimberly says that she was the one that gave the broccoli to Gordon. And after they went to the hospital, Kimberly feels sorry that she made Gordon sick, so she gives him some chocolate and quickly Gordon gets sick again and Kimberly then runs away.

You guys

"You guys"

Tale of the Tail: Gordon was trying to give human Kimberly Candy-Coated Gummy Unicorns but her friends Caitlyn 1 and Caytlin 2 teases him about his tail. It is unknown if Gordon gave Kimberly the gummy unicorns, but she probably got them because the basket wasn't brought back to the Mansion.


Gordon and the cats dress up as girls to visit Human Kimberly's sleepover.

Slumber Party: When Gordon and the rest of the cats chase after the wagon, Human Kimberly says hi to the cats and ask them what they're doing. Gordon asks i he could have Kimberly's finest root bear (in those words). But human Kimberly says that she needs it for her first ever girls only sleepover in her house and show them a sign. Then, Gordon, Blik and Waffle dress up as girls then visit to human Kimberly's house. Gordon introduces himself as Audrey (Lisa) and play truth or dare, pillow fight and even danced with Kimberly with the song called Stupid Stinky Boys then they shave the girl's heads (Waffle called it a beauty salon makeover). Kimberly cries and Gordon feels bad for her, so he tries to apologize but he accidently pulls his wig off and he gets shaved by the girls (Waffle and Mr. Blik too). Then Gordon and the cats apologies for crashing her party but Kimberly said that it was the best sleepover she ever had and gives the cats root beer, and they burp together and laugh.

A Line in the Litterbox: Gordon makes a gelatin sculpture of the Human Kimberly gets destroyed. Mr. Blik says that he's tired of him constantly mooning over her and while Gordon makes his own line, he quickly makes a drawing of Kimberly.

07 (a) - Love Cats010859

"I'm all yours."

Zombie Party a Go-Go! 48

The gang watch Waffle's laser show.

Love Cats: Human Kimberly makes a portrait of Gordon in a dress. Then, after Mr. Blik Calls him a "Pony Girl", Kimberly gets mad that Bilk ruined her art project and insults him. However, this makes Mr. Bilk falls head over heels over her nasty attitude. When Gordon is told by this, he says that Human Kimberly loves him and not Mr. Bilk and they start competing for Kimberly. They start off with trinkets and flowers, a Donkey dressed up as a Chrimadon and a Unicorn Gordon successively shaved his back as, and a Space-Altering Plasma Cannon For Mr. Blik Changing the Moon as Kimberly's Heart and Gordon has a Space-Altering Plasma Hand Cannon to rearrange stars in the shape of her face. beating Bilk by 3-0. After Kimberly invites Gordon to her house, the next morning Mr. Bilk fall off accidently and she takes him to her house. Gordon didn't know that Bilk got hurt and thought that Kimberly took Blik instead of him and cries. While Gordon packs his things in his lunchbox to run away in space, Kimberly still taking care of bilk and asking if he feels better. Gordon climbs in the rocket Waffle won in a really huge box of cereal, Bilk tells him to get out of there, but Gordon says that he made up his mind. Blik says that she made him have teatime with dolls and was horrible. After Waffle accidently lights the fuse, Blik tells Gordon that he is is the one for Kimberly and not him. Lastly, Waffle tells Kimberly about the cats being trapped in a rocket and Kimberly uses the Space-Altering Plasma Cannon to save Gordon and Blik. Blik got smitten again because of her wild behavior and Gordon gets mad about this.

Zombie Party A Go-Go!: Gordon and Kimberly are shown watching Waffle's Laser Light Show, Gordon probably invited Kimberly and she invited Caitlyn 1 and Caitlyn 2.

Gordon Sees It All

Gordon sobs while Kimberly plays with Sachiko

Big Eyed Bunny: Gordon, ready to help Human Kimberly with her project, found himself jealous that Kimberly has her new bestest friend named Sachiko. After the episode, Kimberly tells Gordon that Sachiko is on his way to the farm where he is from, and Kimberly finds a new best friend named Mr. Fuzzy Pants and Gordon gets jealous again.

Requiem for a Cat: Mr. Blik gives Gordon a portrait of the Human Kimberly made by his own paws.

Scaredy Cat: After Kimberly in her witch costume, says hi, Gordon says that his Bonnie lass turned evil. Next, we see a portrait of the words Human Kimberly on it. Last, Human Kimberly is seen saying how cool their Spaceship House was.

Mecha-Kitties: Robot Gordon says that the Human Kimberly makes him "half prance like a wee rainbow cricket." then the real Gordon tries to make the robot stop talking so he bangs its head and nervously says that he didn't know where he got that.

I brought you a present

Kimberly giving Waffle a present

EVIL! : Gordon brings his Bonnie lass, Human Kimberly by for a visit to give Waffle her toy pony to make him feel better, but he unexpectedly eats the toy and gets angry and turns into a red lizard-like monster and eats Gordon. Before Kimberly could run out the door, he grabs her with his long sticky tongue and eats her.

Mail-Adjusted: Kimberly comes in the "Old Timey Ice Cream" shop and orders a root beer float. Gordon sees her and has pink hearts floating around him and chases after her with a pink heart cloud. Then he says "Yes, of course, anything for you lass." Gordon was making the mug frosty and cold for the Human Kimberly while they were making the root beer. Kimberly then takes a sip saying it’s the best root beer float she ever had which makes Gordon very happy.

Yes you are

"Yes you are."

Core-Uption: Gordon after finishing his garden, hears Kimberly crying so her runs into walls to tell her what's wrong. Kimberly says that she got an F on her science project which Gordon says that was impossible because she was the smartest most beautiful bonnie lass in the world. Then, Kimberly says that all she had to do was to find out what the core was made of. Then Gordon changes the earth's core and now he's a Pikachu-like cat and Kimberly says that she'll get an A on her project for sure which Gordon agrees to. Gordon tells his brothers that he changed the earth's core so that the Human Kimberly wouldn't get an F on her science project. Blik tells him to change it back but Gordon refuses because it makes Kimberly happy, so he's happy with the way it is. Then, they have some fun and Gordon gives Kimberly a flower. But things get worse, and Gordon save Kimberly's life by attacking unicorns and admits that he changed the Earth to make her happy and Kimberly says that was sweet of him to do that. Then after that he asked if he could help her on her next test which Human Kimberly (teasing) saying not a chance. Then Kimberly says that she likes the world just the way it is and Gordon saying that everything is back to normal.

Major Pepperidge: Mr. Blik ask in demand why he hasn't been working the Float for him. Gordon says it's because the Human Kimberly isn't feeling good and it's tearing him apart. Thanks to Major Pepperidge, Gordon sings a song for Human Kimberly to make her stomach feel better in which Human Kimberly says thanks and Gordon salutes to Major Pepperidge for the idea.

Magic Staff: While Gordon uses the Thunder Swork forming the shape of the Human Kimberly's head on a cloud, saves and old lady from a heavy bolder, the old woman thanks Gordon until he hears a familiar tune sung by a familiar voice. He notices Kimberly running across the fields holding a unicorn doll into the air and singing her usual tune. Gordon gets smitten and has hearts with muscles floating in the air. Gordon then hands the boulder to the old woman and heads towards Kimberly, and the elder finds herself crushed again.

Duck and Cover: While Gordon runs away from his room, we see a portrait of the Human Kimberly for one last time.