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As he’s one of the main trio, Gordon has come out in every episode of Catscratch. The following are his roles throughout the Catscratch series. (More to be added!)

To The Moon

Gordon role in TTM

“Winning isn’t everything! Let me tell you a story...”

Gordon is seen questioning why his brother, Mr. Blik, is so set on winning the upcoming Barbecue Cook-Off. When Blik says his intent is to show how much of a winner he is, Gordon attempts to show to Blik that winning isn’t everything.

Gordon reads to him the tale of a man that was a lot like him. A man named Duke Eark Splee. Unfortunately, his brother misinterpreted the legend as “If you want great ribs, you need rocks from the moon!” So Gordon and his other brother, Waffle, are dragged along to Blik’s quest to the Moon.

Bringin’ Down The Mouse

Gordon role in BDTM

“You’ve got to feel it!”

Gordon is seen helping Waffle become a mouse hunter by giving him a piece of mind. Telling him that he has to feel it in his heart to really catch a mouse, and take the sport with pride.