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Mr.Blik: Ahh China. Soon enough Waffle i well mine tree going the china. The land of dishes.

Waffle:That's Japan.

Mr.Blik: Land the miso soup..

,Waffle:That's Japan.

Blik:Land of cherry trees.

Waffle:That's still Japan.

Blik: Ahh China

Waffle But Why Runyon Street Mr. Blik: We Got Playing Money

Blik: Is Not Runyon Street Waffle About Beating At Lucian

Gordon:Ohh indead Waffle. It is good fortune you will draw, when you do grow a lucky claw upon your little front left paw.

Blink:Gordon please no one believes that old crazy myth. The lucky claw. Now cut that thing off.

Gordon: Oh No You Can Not Cut the Claw That Bring Nothing by Bad Luck

Waffle:Like giant meterorworks falling from the sky.

Blik:Waffle wake up.

Waffle:Ah! Evil bright eye come to steal me and my slumber.

Blik:Get up. We're getting rid of that claw.

Waffle:But the myth,

Blik:Myths..Myths are for saps.


Gordon:Blik, Waffle my claw! It's gone!

Blik:It's for your own good.

Waffle:Mr Blik flished it.


Blik:Rope it in Voodoo boy. No one believes in that old stupid myth.

Gordon:Oh is that so. Well if you don't believe the myth, then why did you steal the lucky claw in the first place?

Blik:Well..That. I..

[He didn't even finished before he fell of the stairs.]

Gordon:The bad luck is starting already!

Blik:I slipped on some dust. Hovis, a broom.


Gordon:What do you call that Blik?!

Blik:I call it good luck. They missed and didn't aim.


Blik:Get out of my way!


Blik:This isn't my fault! It was the claw! It had a hold on me.

Gordon:Alas lads, there's nothing left but fate.


Gordon:Great golpher. Where are we?

Blik:Is this some firey pit? In the center of the earth, where we'll all be made to slaves of lava people?!


Gordon:No Blik look. IT's CHINA! We fell straight though the center of the earth!

Blik:well take again from her high horse Gordo, becuase so did I!

Gordon:The claw!