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Gomez is one of Waffle's dozens of pet newts, and is considered his "lucky newt". This little newt is loyal to Waffle, but is seen as an irritant to Mr. Blik.


Gomez is the most treasured of Waffle’s newts, and is said to harbor great luck. This is of course tough to believe for Gordon and Mr. Blik (especially Blik), but Waffle will not cut corners when it comes to keeping this little guy safe and sound.

Gomez rides on Gear’s dashboard when Waffle drives, and Waffle will drive steadily and slowly with his little newt buddy on board. Once, when an impatient Mr. Blik chucked Gomez out the car, Waffle went berserk and sped up to try and get him back.

As seen in “EVIL”, Gomez is very elastic, and is able to hold the weight of both Gordon and Mr. Blik. Waffle understands his Newtuguese language and he often goes to Gomez when he needs someone to speak with. However, this was a shock when Waffle read up on “101 Signs That You Are Evil” that consorting with serpents or newts was considered a villainous habit. In their case, however, it’s simply a coincidence. The duo would never hurt a fly.


  • Waffle normally keeps him in his pocket.
  • His appendages are very elastic.
  • He is the first newt to have his name revealed in the show.
  • Doug TenNapel describes Gomez as "A man after my own heart".