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Gear is a high-powered monster truck-like vehicle that serves as the cats' main means of transportation, and is also one of Mr. Blik's favorite things about being rich.

Gear Transformations and Abilities[]



To be continued.

Background Information[]

  • The first time we see Gear crash is in the Pitch Animation Reel, where the car runs in reverse into an unknown building.
  • As seen in "To The Moon", Gear can easily change form with a few slight manual adjustments.
  • Mr. Blik absolutely loves driving Gear around, and considers himself as a "driving machine".
    • Mr. Blik would never let Waffle drive Gear, as he doesn't consider him to be a skilled professional.

Production Information[]

  • The name of this monster truck is a shout-out to the graphic novel that Catscratch was loosely based on.