Catscratch Wiki

Waffle:They're here! They're here!

Gordon:Well what do you know? It's Waffle.


Waffle:Caution avoid contact with skin. Glad I didn't shave. To enjoy your new friends, add water. Water....


Waffle:Now grow! Grow like the wind. Blik where are they? hmm. Must be hungry. To the kitchen!

Hovis:Ah. Hovis time.

Gordon:Was there something familiar about that big fishy?

Waffle:Come on Hovis..

`Gordon:Hovis? Waffle that's a wardrobe dummy.

Waffle:Oh that explains with no arms no legs no head or a pedestal.



Blik:Side affects may include a slight rash or human to fish trans magnification.

Gordon:Hovis' robe. Great Golpher!

Both:We just flushed Hovis!

Blik:We have to follow him.

[Gordon and Waffle jumped into the pool and Blik pulls the lever and joins them. the three cats started to get flushed away into the sewer pipes.]


[At the end of the pipe, the cats burst out of the pipe and into the ocean below them. Underwater, the cats floated down in the water, their cheeks inflated like balloons with the breath they have been holding in.]

Waffle:[though held breath] Hovis!

[The held breathed cats looked and saw Hovis in the water. The cats cheered and begin to swim back up along with Hovis. From the surface, the cats pop up and breathe again before they cheer.]

Gordon:We found him!

Blik:Hovis over here!



[later back home.]

Blik:Waffle why did you just read the stupid directions on the package?

Waffle:Because...Because..I can't read!

Gordon:There there laddie.

Waffle:And now Hovis is ben caughted Uncle Barkey's traveling Aquarium.

Gordon:Uncle BArket's traveling aquarium?

Waffle:I read it, on the side of the boat.

Gordon:Let's go!


Waffle:Lookat him. Flip his little flip flip flip flipiter. Hovis!

Blik:And they call thsi entertainment.

Wafffle:This ocean is so dry.

Blik:He needs water. We gotta get him back into the water.