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Free Hovis! is the first segment of the eighteenth episode of Catscratch.

Episode Summary[]

The three cats ran outside the Cramdilly Mansion with a swimming pool, when they travel to the Chumpy Chump Brothers' house, featuring the bathroom including a bathtub, an ocean, an amusement park, and a beachside.


  • The German title is the same as the English title, except that an exclamation point is added at the end.
  • The title card and episode name are a parody of the 1993 movie: Free Willy.
  • The Sea Donkeys are a parody of Sea Monkeys.
  • This episode marked the Chumpy Chump Brothers’ final appearance.


  • Hovis can be seen naked in Tale of the Tail.


  • Wayne Knight as Mr. Blik/Granny
  • Rob Paulsen as Gordon/Man in Crowd/Hillbilly Uncle
  • Kevin McDonald as Waffle
  • Maurice LaMarche as Hovis/Uncle Barky/Pa
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