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Foghorn is a noise that is, as described by Waffle, "A horn sounding warnings in fog or darkness used mostly on ships in coastal installations." Waffle likes imitating the noises, and had slowly, but surely taught the talent to Lunk. Waffle treats it as a game.

How To Play[]

You have to mentally be the foghorn. It's gotta come from down at the stomach. And go, "OOOOOOO-GAAAAAAH!"

You may get results such as "AAAAAHH!!", but take no fault, it's not an easy sound to recreate vocally.

This noise may take a few bouts of trial and error to get just right, but once you have mastered it, you'll be stopping ships across the sea.


  • Lunk once bellowed this noise to stop a ship from crashing down both their houses.