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Errors and goofs that occurred in episodes of Catscratch during Season 1.

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To The Moon[]

  • When Waffle and Gordon are screaming and running to the lawn, Waffle's mouth is closed shut.
  • When Gordon is in the Gear Rocket Ship and confirms that the communication systems are on, his hand overlaps the lever in front of him.
  • Gordon, Waffle and Blik shouldn't have been able to breathe or hear each other in space.
  • Gordon's mouth is drawn oddly when he laments "...Waffle."
  • When Blik says “Let’s go home”, Gordon has an fifth tooth

Bringin' Down The Mouse[]

  • When Mr. Blik states that Waffle has never retroactively caught a mouse, the gaps above of his Important Hat are miscolored to gold, as they were mistaken for the golden emblem at the center of said hat.
  • With how many times Squeakus changed his description of what a mouse looks like (from looking like old ladies to looking like cats), it should've been obvious he was grasping at straws to keep Waffle fooled.

Unicorn Club[]

  • Hovis is never accounted for at the end.
  • We never hear how the Unicorn photography scam turned out.

Go Gomez! Go![]

  • Tad's name is misspelled as "Tadd" in the ending credits.


  • While impersonating Gordon, Waffle mentions "goats on a crag", which was never mentioned by Gordon in the show until the next episode "King Of All Root Beer".
    • This could be proof that the episode "King Of All Root Beer" was produced before "Lovesick".
  • The German variation of this episode's title card has the artwork of a sick Gordon resting in a bed re-positioned, leaving part of the bed cut off (the part that was previously behind the word "Lovesick").
  • When Mr. Blik says "Back!, you ate my brother", Gordon’s tail is missing

Tale of the Tail[]

  • Hovis is never accounted for.
  • In this episode, The Kraken is shown to speak telekinetically. However, he speaks normally in "Hi Ho Kraken", as do the other krakens.