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Duke Eark Splee is a legend character in Catscratch. His tale is titled "The Legend of Duke Eark Splee".


Eark Splee seemed to be an adventurous man with a passion for cooking. This passion proved to be downfall of the man, since he traded his very soul to a Seal Woman for the secrets of making the perfect barbecue pit. But the success would never be enough to replenish the hollow void that was left in his heart after the trade.

Character Design[]

He was a chiseled and brawny man with a hat that resembled the sun, hair flowing down his head and a face ready to tackle everything. He wears puffy clothes with a bird symbol on his chest and it tied at the waist. The colors of the man are unknown, as he only appeared in a storybook.


  • Gordon owns a copy of his tale.
  • His last name, Splee, would eventually become Waffle's absolute favorite word.
  • The Seal Woman that was cursed with The Banshee Curse in the episode "Clan Destiny" was probably the same seal who let the Duke trade his soul. Some people just don't know what they really want until it's too late.