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The Donkey is a creature that Mr. Blik dressed up to fool Human Kimberly.


Love Cats[]

To win over Kimberly, Blik dressed up this donkey into a Chrimadon, and was ultimately debunked by Gordon when he tore the suspicious costume off the donkey. The donkey carried the defeated Blik off screen.

The next day, the donkey kicks Mr. Blik into a window shelf that knocks a series of potted plants onto his head.

Physical Description[]

The donkey is rather run down and wrinkly. His hair is frizzled up and has the same color as his hooves. It's fur is tan and it's eyes are lemon-colored. The animal's teeth are crooked and it's eyes widen each time it calls.


  • Later, the donkey is shown to still be in Kimberly’s yard, meaning Kimberly must’ve kept him.