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Commodore Nougat is a penguin plush who made his debut in the episode Blikmail. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen.


Commodore Nougat is Mr. Blik’s favorite toy and he had him ever since he was a kitten. He seems to look like just a regular doll, but he’s actually mind-controlling doll. He has his own page in The Scottish Book of Evil Beasts. As said in the book, He shows up and within a hour, takes control of your brain and turns it sour. By the end of the episode, it was revealed that Gordon was right in that the doll was sentient, and in control of Mr. Blik's brain.

Physical Appearance[]

Commodore Nougat is a small plush penguin who has purple skin and a lavender stomach. He has a yellow beak and yellow feet. He wears a blue commodore hat and only has one eye as the other was torn off.


  • It’s unknown who gave Commodore Nougat to Mr. Blik as a kitten.
    • It was most likely Edna.
  • He is kept locked up in a case under a password that only Mr. Blik knows.
    • And due to her talents of sneaking around, so does Katilda.
  • Commodore Nougat was mistakenly called Carmendor Nuget, and was mistakenly voiced by Dwight Schultz.