The Chubby Chef is a recurring cook that is often seen working at vacation-based establishments.

Personality Edit

The Chubby Chef seems to take joy in his profession. He is often seen smiling while either preparing a dish or serving it.

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As the name would lead one to believe, the man is rather chubby. His wardrobe often consists of a big white chef's hat, a white apron and a light blue collared shirt. His skin is tan, his arms are hairy, and his poofy hair is brown. He oftenly has buckteeth showing.

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Lobsters Edit

The Chef has cooked dozens of lobsters in his dishes. This would make him an antagonist to that species.

Waffle Edit

Right before he dropped Klaus and Rhonda into a pot, Waffle rushed right in to save them, much to the chef's surprise.

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  • He is seen notably tanner during his job at the Island Resort.

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