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Many of us remember Catscratch, though much material of the show itself hasn't been very well preserved.

Lost Videography[]

Lost Nick

The Complete Series[]

The episodes themselves are a huge piece of lost media, save for "Bringin' Down The Mouse" and "Love Cats", which were released on DVD individually.

The episodes have been recorded from Australian Nickelodeon broadcasts, only to later be heavily compressed, divided, and put onto various cartoon streaming sites.

On August 4, 2019, the first 18 episodes of the show were put online on Amazon Prime Video in Canada, on behalf of Corus Entertainment. These, however, have deinterlacing errors, and they have the Nick logo on top of the footage.

The Foreign Dubs[]


Foreign dubs are commonly lost with cartoons, and Catscratch is, of course, no exception. Recorded Broadcasts of the dubs have surfaced, but it takes some digging to find them.

The French dub, Chadébloc was available in clips at Nick,fr, and while the pages are still there, the videos aren't.

For a few years, the only legally released dub of Catscratch was the German dub, KatzeKratz on, and, until they had taken down the page.

Lost Extras[]

Every so often, would have extra scoops of Catscratch behind-the-scenes uploaded to their site.

One of which included a behind-the-scenes of the making of the next-to-last episode "Spindango Fundulation".

Another compiled fan art that was sent to the studio, one of them being Christmas themed, according to Twitter user Jake (Bitmap).

Doug TenNapel recorded videos of himself drawing the three cats and noting the design influences. The only one that's still (remotely) around is "How To Draw Mr. Blik".