Catlyin #2 is a 8-year old girl who makes her first speaking and debut in the episode “Tale of the Tail”.

Physical Appearance Edit

Catlyin is a short girl who wears her black hair in two rainbow braids. She wears blue overalls with a light blue shirt underneath. She also wears green shoes, similar to Kimberly’s.

Personality Edit

Caitlyn #2 is shown to be playful and chipper just like Caitlyn #1. Although that she is friends with Kimberly, she can be a little rough. She and Caitlyn #1 once made fun of Gordon for having a stumpy tail. Later on in a future episode, she befriends Gordon and his brothers without knowing of them from being girls. After she and her friends found out that the cats were boys, she become disgusted by them and shaved them all, souring their friendship.

Trivia Edit

  • Caitlyn #2’s voice actor ,Gabby Soleil is best known also voicing Jazmine Dubois from the adult animated sitcom "The Boondocks".