Caitlyn #1 is a young girl who makes her first speaking role and debut in the episode Tale of the Tail.

Personality Edit

Caitlyn #1 is a friend of Kimberly's and is shown to be playful and chipper, and has a similar affinity for unicorns as Kimberly and her group of friends do. She shares the same name as Caitlyn #2. Once, she and the other Caitlyn were seen making fun of Gordon for having a stumpy tail, meaning they aren't above bullying, at least to cats. She also seems to be able to take a punch, as when she was hit by a pillow to the face, she took it as a start to a pillow fight. When she first met the three cats, they were disguised as young girls, and she took a liking to them. When they later took their wigs off, she and the other girls shaved the boys, souring the relationship.

Physical Appearance Edit

Caitlyn #1 is a short girl who has hazel hair with two green hair clips on each side. She has braces in her teeth that gives her an overbite. She wears a sleeveless dark aqua green dress with dark mint sleeves underneath. She also wears green shoes with long white socks.

Background Information Edit

  • Oddly enough, when Gordon took off his wig, Caitlyn #1 didn't recognize him.
    • In a previous episode, she DID recognize him as "the cat with the little tail."

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