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Rooty-Root-Root-Root-ROOT BEER! Burpo's!

Burpo's Root Beer is a root beer-based company that is considered precious and holy to Gordon, Waffle and Mr. Blik.


First sold from a pushcart on the corner of Broad St. and 3rd, Burpo's Root Beer has been climbing the root beer latter since 1927. Their top-notch quality beverages have been sold in soda stores across the land.

Their spokesperson, Sassyfrass and her pet bear and company mascot, Randall have been the face of the company since 2002. In 2005, a contest was hosted to locate a new Root Beer King. The king would get the honor of a parade, a shiny crown on his head, and a warehouse full of root beer!


During the 2005 Root Beer King Challenge, a cat by the name of Mr. Blik cheated his competitors one by one and conceived the victory out of dishonesty. This chain of unfortunate events led one of the competitors to get furious with Mr. Blik, and they wrestled all over the town after being inflated like a balloon during the Burpo's Parade. Buildings were torn down, billboards were defaced and the city nearly faced total destruction.

Randall (The Burpo's Root Bear) put a stop to all this by deflating the two at the top of a huge skyscraper and Mr. Blik was rightfully stripped of his title. The true King Of All Root Beer is now promoted to Randall.