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Bootsie is a big, tough cat who tries to beat Mr. Blik up for being a "pampered wimp" in My Bodyguards. As revealed in the conclusion of the episode, he is actually The Chumpy Chump Brothers' lost cat. Though he's a rough, tough cat, he's a bit gullible (once, he got convinced that a flying saucer was giving away free gold.)

Character Design[]

Bootsie has tan fur, a stitch on his lip, crooked teeth, a fluffy tail and blue eyes. He has three hairs atop his scalp, three more hairs sticking out on his chest, and three stripes on his upper arms. A lot of his design (and personality) hints that his owners are indeed The Chumpy Chump Brothers.

Alternatively, he's "SIX feet TALL, NINE feet WIDE, and razor-sharp TEETH ALL OVER HIS BODY!"



  • He resembles Gordon Quid,along with Gordons original design from the unaired pilot episode and Audrey.
  • He also resembles Barkmeat in cat form.