Bootsie is a big, tough cat who tries to beat Mr. Blik up for being a "pampered wimp" in My Bodyguards. As revealed in the conclusion of the episode, he is actually The Chumpy Chump Brothers' lost cat. Though he's a rough, tough cat, he's a bit gullible (once, he got convinced that a flying saucer was giving away free gold.)

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Bootsie has tan fur, a stitch on his lip, crooked teeth, a fluffy tail and blue eyes. He has three hairs atop his scalp, three more hairs sticking out on his chest, and three stripes on his upper arms. Alot of his design (and personality) hints that his owners are indeed The Chumpy Chump Brothers.

Alternatively, he's "SIX feet TALL, NINE feet WIDE, and razor-sharp TEETH ALL OVER HIS BODY!"

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