"No, sweet Commodore Nougat, no one must ever know our secret..."
— Mr. Blik with his secret doll.

After Katilda teases Blik about his doll, he tries to get it back, but his brothers think it's a Scottish mind-controlling figure.

Charater present Edit

Trivia Edit

  • "Egg Pole Hopscotch Funnel Hog" is the password to Mr. Blik's secret suitcase.
  • This episode along with "Love Jackal" was unannounced when it first aired.
  • The episod title is a play on the word blackmail.
  • The sumo from ’’Gordon's Lucky Claw” appears again in Katilda’s House.

Continuity Edit

  • This episode is Katilda's second and last appearance.

Errors Edit

  • When Gordon is looking at Katilda with suspicion while she says to him "Good day to you, fair gentlemen", Gordon's tail is colored white.
  • Katilda's tail isn't colored in for a frame after she whips Blik with it.

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Three Against Nature
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