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The Blik-Rageous Parade Float is a decorative vehicle that was constructed with the purpose of leading The First Annual Blik-Rageous Parade-Tastic Rest-Of-Name-Later O'Con, and would hold the grand martial.


Major Pepperidge[]

Mr. Blik had his brothers build this up for him while he works on his speech. Even though his brothers wanted to ride the float too, Blik declines their request, suggesting that they simply throw their own parade.

Later, when Gordon and Waffle nominate Mr. Blik's newfound skin growth, Major Pepperidge to be the new grand martial of the upcoming parade, Blik goes ballistic and rushes this float into the quarry, declaring that if he can't drive the float, then no one else is allowed to. He speeds it across the town while bickering with Pepperidge, and his brothers try to climb the float to stop him. The float falls into the quarry, landing on dirt. The quarry that Blik was heading for was filled in.


  • Mr. Blik himself was once a parade float.