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"You can call me "Bill", but if you do: I'll smack you~"
— Champsley, King of Clubs

William "Bill" Champsley (or simply Champsley) is an upper-class middle-aged man of whom Mr. Blik attempts to impress for membership to the Special Meadows Country Club.


Bill Champsley is a rather snooty gentleman who often tries to keep his cool when annoyed. He is of a leisurely nature and is in great social position, but can turn a little barbaric when he's made a fool of (especially by talking cats).

When Bakersfield was trampled over by a woolly mammoth looking for a twig, Champsley led an angry mob of Special Meadows Country Club members to take it down.

When they watched the mammoth drown (allegedly), he and the mob walked off with Champsley saying "Let's go find something ELSE to destroy that we don't understand."

Character Design[]

Champsley has a slightly chubby belly, wears a pink or blue collared shirt, plaid pants and white shoes.

He has a faint hint of wrinkles on his face indicating an older age (slightly above middle-age), grey hair with white near the bottom, thick eyebrows, and skinny limbs.


Mr. Blik[]

He has similar qualities to Blik, his stuck-up nature and knack for being really, really picky. Though Champsley despised Blik from the minute he layed eyes on him. Bill looks at Blik as a shallow rube, and his behavior at the initiation to the club amplified that. They meet again in A Wooly Adventure, where the town attempts to take down a wild woolly mammoth (of whom was Mr. Blik's adopted baby). Maybe Blik will be accepted by the fellow rich folk another day.

Gordon Quid[]

Bill liked Gordon and accepted him as a member of The Special Meadows Country Club. Gordon at first didn't understand his club humor and initially looked at the club activities as some sort of torture (at least for a little bit, but then it starts to sound good to them and then Gordon and Waffle rush back to the club). Gordon also stood up to Champsley when he was giving Mr. Blik the business, stating that Mr. Blik may have his faults, but he's still family. This sets Champsley off and he demands that all three leave the club immediately.


Champsley also accepted Waffle into the club, and Waffle had his limited negative views like Gordon did. Waffle also believed that Champsley was his father.

Mitchell The Mammoth[]

Bill led an unruly mob of his country club members to get rid of Mitchell due to destruction of property while looking for a stick. Champsley doesn't understand Mitchell's parental/child relationship with Blik and won't try to. He and the mob walked off looking to destroy other things they don't get.


  • Behind The Voice Actors listed his second appearance as "Signhanger".
    • What makes this even more odd is that the Signhanger was voiced by Maurice LaMarche, whereas Champsley was voiced by Jim Ward, who was credited in the same episode.