[Opens on an exterior shot of The Cramdilly Mansion, the sky is shaded pink and Hovis is watering the bushes with a hose.]

[Closer shot of Hovis watering the bushes, then Gear zooms in, bumping Hovis off his feet and onto his rear.]

[Windshield wipers clear the windshield, revealing Gordon, Waffle and Mr. Blik.]

Gordon: Ahh, I love the open road! Wind in my fur...

Waffle: Bugs in my teeth...

[Close-up of the bugs stuck in Waffle's teeth.]

Mr. Blik: And me at the wheel, a driving machine! Yeah!

[The trio jump out of Gear and approach Hovis.]

Mr. Blik: Hovis! Stop lying around and get your shammy. I want Gear cleaned and ready for another drive. I got THE ITCH!

Hovis: I believe there's an ointment for that.

Gordon: Well, I'll see you lads later. I'm helping Human Kimberly with her school project... on friendship!

Mr. Blik: So what does she need you for?

Gordon: 'Cause I'm her bestest friend, of course!

[Gordon walks off-screen, and jumps over the hedge to Kimberly's house.]

[Gordon watches as Kimberly walks over to a cage, and his pupils form into hearts.]

[Gordon skips over to Kimberly.]

Gordon: Oh, Human Kimberly, I'm ready to assist y-

[Gordon is interrupted mid-sentence by the realization that Kimberly has a tiny bunny in her arms, and he lets out a gasp.]

Gordon: Who... I... What is that?

Kimberly: Oh, hi Gordon! Say hello to Sachiko!

[Close-up of Sachiko squeaking.]

Kimberly: Isn't he the most adorable bunny you've EVER seen?

[Gordon winces at the sight.]

Kimberly: He's for my school project. He's my new bestest friend!

Gordon:But, uh... I thought, uh...

Kimberly: Wanna hold him?

[Gordon backs away, whimpering, while Sachiko reaches out for him.]

Kimberly: ...Alright then. Come on, Sachiko, let's go somewhere where I can stare at you.

Isn't he great, Gordon?

[Kimberly walks off with Sachiko.]

Gordon: But, I thought... I was your bestest friend! (losing breath) I can't... breathe, I...

[Gordon freaks out and falls backward onto the ground, sobbing.]

To be continued.