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"Who dares enter the sanctity of my domain? Name yourself."
— Barkmeat

Barkmeat is a stray dog who only appeared in the episode "Off The Leash," in which he met Waffle (who had run away from home, believing he's meant to be a dog.)


History has given him many names, and he is a well-known threat despite his puny size. Dread is his brother, destruction is his sister, and pestilence is his third cousin, twice removed. He lives in a dark alley in the city, where he often takes joy in causing trouble to the townsfolk. His favorite snack is cats, and he never lets any part of the animal go to waste. “I’d eat you, then pick my teeth with your bones, and use your skull as a belt buckle.”

Although, as fearless as this dog comes off to be, his greatest fear and the one thing that can take him down is the Dog Catcher. He tries to hide fear under his menacing façade. It’s rare that he ever breaks down. “I EAT fear. I spread fear on a bagel with a little jam. And nuts.”

Even though Barkmeat despises felines, he had accepted Waffle as his ally and said to him “Evil aside, you’re alright... for a cat.”

Physical Description[]

Barkmeat is a muscular pit-bull with brown fur, a black nose and exposed sharp teeth. His eyes are cyan, his ears are pointed and he has a small tail.



Barkmeat met Waffle when the cat had stumbled into his domain. Waffle had ran off from the manor, believing he was meant to be a dog. Waffle was rather pleased to meet him, but Barkmeat was suspicious due to his cat-like scent. However, there was always room for one more in the Barkmeat family, and he accepted Waffle as his wingman.

Background Information[]

  • Barkmeat’s infamy of being a threat to cats is similar to the reputation of Squeakus, a deviant of which Waffle had also once befriended.