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"It's my alien offspring, and when it hatches, I'll have an alien baby!"
— Waffle being a proud parent.

Baby Alien is one of a species of extraterrestrial insect-like creatures, the one of which Waffle incubated.


While Mr. Blik and Gordon thought the egg was simply a watermelon, Waffle knew it was an egg that was expected to hatch soon.

Waffle took care of the egg and held onto it while a couple of aliens were attacking everyone in the house. When it finally hatched, this little fellow popped out.


Baby Aliens are dangerous to be around. When one was born, it hissed at Gordon and Mr. Blik, scaring them off.

However, these beings are very kind to their parents no matter what the species, and love being cradled.


  • The baby alien never appeared again after "Scaredy Cat".
  • Their eggs look exactly like watermelons (keep an eye out.)
  • The name is confirmed on a piece of production art by Jennifer Wood.
  • These beings bare a slight resemblance to the insects from the show's predecessor, "GEAR".