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"Do you remember when [Mrs. Cramdilly] found us? Curled up with our ma in a laundry hamper?"
— Gordon Quid

Audrey was Mr. Blik, Gordon, and Waffle's mother and Mrs. Cramdilly's cat.


Audrey is a scruffy Calico cat. Her name was mentioned by her son Gordon in Slumber Party. She made a small cameo in a flashback in The Ghost of Cramdilly. She carried great love for her young ones, even going through lengths to make little diapers for them. Like her owner Mrs. Cramdilly, she had died sometime before the events of the show.

Character Design[]

Her physical traits were inherited by her three sons: Mr. Blik's long pointed ears, Gordon's patch eye and Waffle's striped tail. Unlike her sons, who are more anthropomorphic, Audrey was a realistic-looking cat.


  • She’s the first female cat to appear in the series and the first cat to have a nose.
  • Blik mentions to Gordon twice in Slumber Party and Clan Destiny that she gave birth to them under a sofa, yet they were all seen in a laundry hamper in the laundry room. It’s possible she moved them there after they were born.
  • Her brown fur resembles Bootsie's however they are not related.
  • She’s a Calico.
  • She ever had any speaking roles.