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Alice Tishmen is a plush bear doll that Katilda owns that is shown in the episode "Blikmail".


Alice Tishmen is a small-medium size bear doll about the same height as Commodore Nougat. She has pale stich pink skin, big blue eyes, a small black nose, dark pale pink ears, and a stitch frown on her face. She also wears a mint green tutu dress.


When Mr. Blik tries to sneak into Katilda’s house to get back Commodore Nougat. He finds out that Katilda has a little secret of her own. It was reveled that she owned Alice Tishmen as her favorite doll and played with her and Commodore Nougat, making them smooch eachother and even pretending Tishmen say "You like me, you wanna marry me". Blik makes fun of Alice Tishmen, making both of them fight for their dolls.


  • It’s unknown if Alice Tishmen is like Commodore Nougat, to being a mind controlling doll.
  • It’s unlikely not to not be mention in "The Scottish Book of Evil Beasts".