Catscratch Wiki

Waffle: 97 98 99 200! Ready or not, here I come!

Blik: I call my kingdom. Blikland.

Gordon: And I call my Kingdom Gordontown.

Waffle: And I call my kingdom Gordontown. ..... Oh alright then. Then I choose Waffle World! And I choose Hovis as my vice king.

Blik: No Hovis works for me.

Gordon: No way! Hovis belongs in Gordontown along friends.

Waffle: I know. Let's split him in three.


Waffle: Kinda slow today. Still slow.

Waffle: Oh Hey Gordon.


Waffle: You mean the gift ship?



Blik:Getting kinda hungry building an empire.

Gordon:Blik!? You're trespassing and stealing.


[All yell.]

All: This means war! (all growl at each other)

Blik: Great now look what you puckered clam shells have done. The whole house has fallen on us.

Gordon: Well you are the one with the robot-

Waffle: I can't take it. WAAHHH! I'm going out of my mind! How long we've been trapped in this place?

Blik: Nine seconds.

Waffle: Oh.

Gordon :How did it come to this laddies. we were comrades once [begins to cry] the luckiest cats in the world! [bursts into tears and sobs]

Waffle: Don't cry Gor-[starts crying as well]

Blik: Stop it you two. You've ruined everything [beigns crying]

Waffle: I want to go back to the way it was.

Both: Me too!

Blik: I'm sorry I've been a complete imbecille!

Both: Me too!

Gordon: Wait. Didn't Hovis sa to call him when we realized we were complete imbeciles.

Blik: Yes yes he did.

Gordon: And we are completed imbeciles. right?

Blik, Gordon, and Waffle: Yes yes we are! Hovis!

Hovis: Did somebody say the magic word .... inbeciles