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"To the 24 Hour Pet Store!"
— Mr. Blik giving light to Waffle's idea.

The 24 Hour Pet Shop is an adoption center located in Bakersfield, and is open every hour, on the hour, similar to Soda King. They've got tons of adoptable animals such as chickens, newts, goldfish and even big-eyed bunnies.


It is owned and run by a middle-aged Australian man, and it is assumed there are other employees working shifts to keep it running 24 hours.

There's a sign at the front that advertise daily specials on the pets in stock. Also, the open/closed sign on the door, of course, has no "Closed."

Role In The Show[]

Mr. Blik, Gordon and Waffle are first seen there with the interest of replacing a rabbit they presumed dead by their own hands, requesting the cutest big-eyed bunny they have in stock as a replacement.

The store had just one left, which looked nothing like the bunny in question. They took what they could get, but it at least had a beautiful big eye.


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